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ISBN : 9780241445310
The British empire ran for centuries and covered vast swathes of the world. It is fundamental to understanding modern Britain : from the feeling that we can go it alone when it comes to everything from Brexit to global pandemics, to our distrust of cleverness and our particular brand of racism. However, even among those who celebrate it, there is a peculiar desire not to look at empire's legacy too closely. We barely learn about it at school. Our institutions shy away from the subject. In Empireland, Sathnam Sanghera argues that we must confront this shared past if we are ever to understand who we are as a nation.

102 Minutes - The Untold Story of the Fight to Survive Inside the Twin Towers

ISBN : 9780099492566
14,000 people were inside the Twin Towers in New York. To them it was just the start of another routine day at work. Over the next 102 minutes each would become part of a drama that changed the world forever. Of the millions of words written about that unforgettable day, most have been by outsiders. But New York Times reporters Jim Owyer and Kevin Flynn report solely from the perspective of those struggling to survive inside the towers ; 102 Minutes is the epic story of ordinary men and women finding the bravery and courage to overcome unbelievable odds. Fateful split-second decisions, chance encounters in smoke-filled stairwells, the heroism of the emergency services who climbed up as everyone else was coming clown - this is the authoritative account of the men and women in the World Trade Center - the 12,000 who escaped and the 2,149 who perished.
17 Article(s)
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