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ISBN : 9781847926661
A virus is not human, but the reaction to it is a measure of humanity. America has not measured up well. Tens of thousands are dead for no reason. America is supposed to be about freedom, yet illness and fear make its citizens less free. After all, freedom is meaningless if we are too ill to think about our right to happiness or too weak to pursue it. So, if a government is making its people unhealthy it is also making them unfree. On December 29, 2019, Timothy Snyder fell gravely ill. As he clung to life he found himself reflecting on the fragility of health, not recognized in America as a human right, but without

Understanding power - indispensable chomsky

ISBN : 9780099466062
Characterised by Chomsky's informative style, the enlightening and wide-ranging discussions in this book are an ideal introduction to his work, as well as radical interpretations of political events of the past three decades for those who have been listening for years.
30 Article(s)
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